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We guarantee a high quality and professional learning experience through our e-training platform

This E-training platform will serve as a vital support to improve and refresh your technical skills and work methods, while remaining highly competitive.
You will also be able to check your progress regularly thanks to self-assessments of your performance in each course, allowing you to guide yourself through your training and make real progress in the workshop.

Combination of cylinders

Once registered to our E-training, you will have access to :

Our training modules


Brakes - Steering - Tires - Transmission system


DSG Gearbox - Hybrid traction system - “PASS-THRU” Diagnosis - F-Gas A-C - NOX reduction systems - Diesel Particulate Filter (Description and Operation) - Diesel Particulate Filter (Diagnostic and checking)


Multimeter - Oscilloscope - Diagnosis

Electricity & Electronics

Electricity and electronics - Sensors and actuators - Starting and charge system

Engine Management

(Indirect) petrol injection - Direct petrol injection - Petrol anti-pollution - Diesel injection - Diesel anti-pollution - Common rail system

Vehicles (Analysis and Architecture)

Range Rover Evoque - Mini One