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Various training courses for automotive specialists

As one of the leading providers of tailor-made courses and e-training in the automotive and repair industry, we work closely with a highly qualified and experienced team of trainers, technical consultants and mechanical engineers to ensure that you are always informed about the latest evolutions in car and truck repair techniques.

Tailor-made Training

The best way to attract and retain customers is through ongoing training.

Keeping up with new developments in the automotive industry might be overwhelming. Hence, it is crucial to keep your know-how up to speed and stay at the forefront of new repair methods. Our training program will help you expand your customer portfolio and maximise profits.

Two mechanics, one fixes a car and the other takes his computer
a trainer in a classroom with the mechanics

Our tailor-made training program fits your needs and hectic schedule

Logicat Trucks Training 

Technical training about the operating principles and structure of the different truck systems, diagnostic procedures, parametrisation of the different units and the solution to the most common failures.

Mechanics in a garage with trucks


We guarantee a high quality and professional learning experience through our e-training platform

This E-training platform will serve as a vital support to improve and refresh your technical skills and work methods, while remaining highly competitive.
You will also be able to check your progress regularly thanks to self-assessments of your performance in each course, allowing you to guide yourself through your training and make real progress in the workshop.

Combination of cylinders

Once registered to our E-training, you will have access to :

Our training modules


DSG Gearbox - Hybrid traction system - “PASS-THRU” Diagnosis - F-Gas A-C - NOX reduction systems - Diesel Particulate Filter (Description and Operation) - Diesel Particulate Filter (Diagnostic and checking)


Multimeter - Oscilloscope - Diagnosis

Electricity & Electronics

Electricity and electronics - Sensors and actuators - Starting and charge system


Brakes - Steering - Tires - Transmission system

Engine Management

(Indirect) petrol injection - Direct petrol injection - Petrol anti-pollution - Diesel injection - Diesel anti-pollution - Common rail system

Vehicles (Analysis and Architecture)

Range Rover Evoque - Mini One