Update HaynesPro 1st Quarter 2020 TruckSet
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Update HaynesPro 1st Quarter 2020 TruckSet

New/changed topics

Grease point overview

To keep a trucks in good condition, there are many grease and lubrication points that need attention during regular preventative maintenance.
We have added overview pictures to show the lubrication points in a single view. These drawings can be found at REPAIR DATA – EXTERIOR/INTERIOR – TECHNICAL DRAWINGS – BODY AND INTERIOR – LUBRICATION POINTS

1 new model added :


New types added for the following models :

DAF 75 CF 1998-2003
DAF 85 CF 1998-2003
DAF 95 XF 1997-2002
DAF CF 2013-2017
DAF CF 2017-
DAF XF 2017-
MERCEDES-BENZ Econic 1998-2013

1 new trailer manufacturer added :


Newly added content :

  • Maintenance: 55 truck types
  • Adjustment data: 55 truck types 
  • Repair times: 473 truck types
  • Service indicator reset procedures: 11 truck types
  • TPMS procedures: 10 truck types
  • Engine brake valve clearance setting manuals: 56 truck types
  • Cylinder head: removal/installation: 189 truck types
  • Turbochargers: removal/installation: 96 truck types

Newly added content :

  • Fuses and relays: 6 truck types
  • Ground point locations: 479 truck types
  • Fleet Management System (FMS) Connector: 453 truck types

No new unique SmartCASE™ Bulletins
(the bulletin total is 72, covering 2206 types)
No new truck types with SmartCASE bulletins

8 new Technical Service Bulletins
(the bulletin total is 889, covering 12091 types)
No new truck types with Technical Service Bulletins

1 new Recall
(the recall bulletin total is now 342, covering 10002 types)
No new truck types with Recalls

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