Update HaynesPro 2nd Quarter 2019 CarSet
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Update HaynesPro 2nd Quarter 2019 CarSet  


Acquisition ProTUNE

HaynesPro is strengthening its global online technical data presence with the acquisition of ProTUNE GmbH taking an even greater lead in our total product offering.

The acquisition will deepen HaynesPro’s relationships with global automotive professionals: the addition of ProTUNE’s ECU files and EGR OFF/DPF OFF services will allow HaynesPro to enhance services to its global partners and customers. The ProTUNE team will now have direct access to HaynesPro’s WorkshopData, the RMI database which is based on manufacturers’ information. A team of high-level data and IT staff will also ensure an uninterrupted supply of services and data across the global customer base.

Peter van der Galien, Managing Director of HaynesPro, said: “We are excited to be welcoming the ProTUNE team. The acquisition reflects our strong commitment to providing our partners and customers with the best possible technical data solutions. We’ve noticed that a lot of our customers have problems with EGR valves and Diesel Particle Filters that we want to provide repair manuals on how to delete them. Nick van de Belt and I are also working with our ADPA partners in banning European emission standards for Diesel cars.”

New/changed topics


HaynesPro WorkshopData now features classic car data! The 2019Q2 release contains the first batch of classic cars. We have created a mechanical-data set containing adjustment and lubricant data. More classic vehicles will be added in future updates.

10 new models added

AUDI A8 (4N) 2018-
CITROEN C4 Spacetourer/Grand Spacetourer (B78) 2018-
DACIA Duster (XJD) 2018-
DATSUN On-Do (BD0) 2014-
INFINITI QX50 (J50) 2013-
KIA Ceed (CD) 2018-
LEXUS LC 2018-
MG 3 2016-
MITSUBISHI Eclipse Cross (GK) 2018-
VOLVO S60/V60 (225) 2018-

Recently added content

85 new unique SmartCASE bulletins
(the bulletin total is 6286, covering 9405 types)
SmartCASE Bulletins: 145 new car types with SmartCASE bulletins

362 new Technical Service Bulletins
(the bulletin total is 12206, covering 9591 types)
Technical Service Bulletins: 271 new car types with Technical Service Bulletins

202 new Recalls
(the recall bulletin total is now 4566, covering 9006 types)
Recalls: 223 new car types with Recalls

Recently added content

Fuses and relays: 250vehicle types
EOBD connector locations: 248 vehicle types
Control unit locations: 331 vehicle types
Ground point locations: 332 vehicle types
Engine Management diagrams: 172 vehicle types
ABS and Stability diagrams: 269 vehicles types
HVAC diagrams: 137 vehicle types (282 types updated with location information)
Electronic power steering (EPS) diagrams: 236 vehicle types 
Transmission diagrams: 482 new types
Central locking diagrams: 142 vehicle types
Exterior lights diagrams: 287 vehicle types
Power windows diagrams: 247 vehicle types
Starting/charging diagrams: 165 vehicle types
Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag diagrams: 112 vehicle types
Parking assistance system diagrams: 12 vehicle types
Wash/wipe system diagrams: 82 vehicle types
Instrument cluster diagrams: 222 vehicle types
Horn diagrams: 1471 vehicle types
Electronic parking brake diagrams: 353 vehicle types

Recently added content

Maintenance: 228 vehicle types (plus 65 new types for Australia)
Service times: 236 vehicle types
Adjustment data: 280 vehicle types
Technical drawings: 233 vehicle types
Repair times: 120 vehicle types
Service indicator reset procedures: 362 vehicle types
Battery: disconnect/reconnect procedures: 311 vehicle types
TPMS procedures: 313 vehicle types
Electronic parking brake procedure: 173 vehicle types
(Semi-) Automatic transmission: Drain/refill, check level: 38 vehicle types
Semi-) Automatic transmission: Emergency park release: 199 vehicle types
Keys and remote control: 340 vehicle types
Start/stop system: deactivation: 241 vehicle types
Timing belt: removal/installation manuals: 65 vehicle types
Timing chain: removal/installation manuals: 355 vehicle types
Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 8 vehicle types