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Update HaynesPro 3rd Quarter 2020 CarSet

21 new models added :

CADILLAC CTS 2008-2013
CADILLAC Escalade (K2) 2015-
CITROEN C5-Aircross (C84) 2019-
FORD Puma 2020-
HONDA CR-V (RW, RT) 2018-
LANCIA Fulvia (1967-1976)
MAZDA CX-30 (DM) 2019-
MERCEDES-BENZ B (W247) 2019-
NISSAN Murano (Z52) 2015-
NISSAN Sentra (B17) 2015-
OPEL Corsa F (P2JO) 2019-
PEUGEOT 208 (P21) 2019-
PEUGEOT 504 1968-1986
RENAULT 15 1972-1980
RENAULT 17 1972-1980
SKODA Kamiq 2019-
VAUXHALL Corsa F (P2JO) 2019-

Newly added content :

Maintenance (incl. service times): 352 vehicle types
Adjustment data: 337 vehicle types
Technical drawings: 202 vehicle types
Repair times: 251 vehicle types
Service indicator reset procedures: 564 vehicle types
Battery: disconnection/reconnection procedures: 83 vehicle types
TPMS procedures: 265 vehicle types
Electronic parking brake procedure: 83 vehicle types
Transmission: fluid level check and drain/refill (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 152 vehicle types
Transmission emergency park release (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 37 vehicle types
Keys and remote control: 203 vehicle types
Selective catalytic reduction: AdBlue drain/refill: 4 vehicle types
Start/stop system: deactivation: 109 vehicle types
Timing belt: removal/installation manuals: 111 vehicle types
Timing chain: removal/installation manuals: 150 vehicle types
Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 152 vehicle types
Door trim: removal/installation: 796 vehicle types
Turbocharger: removal/installation: 313 vehicle types
Windscreen wipers: service position: 80 vehicle types
Diesel particulate filter: 53 vehicle types
Wheel alignment settings: 79 vehicle types
Ancillary drive belt: removal/installation: 130 vehicle types
ADAS manuals: 752 vehicle types

Newly added content :

Fuses and relays: 386 vehicle types
EOBD connector locations: 335 vehicle types
Control unit locations: 472 vehicle types
Ground point locations: 444 vehicle types
Engine Management diagrams: 365 vehicle types
ABS and Stability diagrams: 313 vehicle types
HVAC diagrams: 321 vehicle types
Electronic power steering (EPS) diagrams: 278 vehicle types
Transmission diagrams: 158 vehicle types
Central locking diagrams: 220 vehicle types
Exterior lights diagrams: 348 vehicle types
Power window diagrams: 196 vehicle types
Starting/charging diagrams: 315 vehicle types
Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag diagrams: 214 vehicle types
Parking assistance system diagrams: 516 vehicle types
Wash/wipe system diagrams: 258 vehicle types
Instrument cluster diagrams: 284 vehicle types
Horn diagrams: 217 vehicle types
Electronic parking brake diagrams: 92 vehicle types

211 new unique SmartCASE™ Bulletins
(the bulletin total is 7096, covering 11495 types)

349 new car types with SmartCASE™ bulletins

137 new Technical Service Bulletins
(the bulletin total is 13404, covering 10302 types)

240 new car types with Technical Service Bulletins

105 new Recalls
(the recall bulletin total is now 5435, covering 9937 types)

328 new car types with Recalls