HaynesPro WorkshopData | CarSet Q3 | 2021 updates
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HaynesPro WorkshopData CarSet Q3 | 2021 updates

Check out all the HaynesPro WorkshopData updates for Q3 2021 carset.


Parts are now also directly selectable from within a Technical Drawing.
Hovering the mouse above the part will highlight it in colour to indicate that the interactive feature is accessible.

Clicking on the part will highlight it; the associated jobs will be shown in the left panel.

New improved search feature
It is now possible to search globally for any component within the Electronic Locations section.

For example, searching for a fuse using the OEM reference codeFor example, searching for a fuse using the OEM reference code

Additional update information
We now have over 180,000 manufacturer-specific fault codes for Cars and Vans. For Motorcycles the total is 38,000. For this release we have updated manufacturer-specific fault codes for Indian, Suzuki and Yamaha.

31 new models


BMW X6 (G06) 2019-BMW Z4 (G29) 2019-DODGE Durango (WD) 2018-DS DS3 Crossback (D34) 2019-FIAT Qubo 2008-2017 (now as a separate model)
HYUNDAI Azera (TG) 2005-2011-HYUNDAI Click (2001-2009)-HYUNDAI Pony (A15) 1975-1986
ISUZU MU-X 2013-JEEP Wrangler (JL) 2018-KIA Cerato (BD) 2018-LANCIA Flavia 1963-1968-LAND ROVER Defender (L663) 2019-LAND ROVER Range Rover Evoque (L551) 2019-RENAULT 16 (115) 1968-1980-RENAULT Captur II (XJB) 2020-RENAULT Thalia II (X35) 2008-2013-SKODA Octavia IV (NX) 2020-TOYOTA 4Runner (GRN280, GRN285) 2009-TOYOTA 4Runner (N18) 1995-2002-TOYOTA 4Runner (N21) 2002-2009-TOYOTA FJ Cruiser 2006-TOYOTA ProAce / – Verso 2016-TOYOTA Sequoia 2000-2007-TOYOTA Sequoia 2007-2014-TOYOTA Tacoma 1995-2005-TOYOTA Tacoma 2004-2015-TOYOTA Tazz (EE90) 1996-2006-TOYOTA Tundra 1999-2006-TOYOTA Tundra 2007-VOLKSWAGEN Widder (T5) 2011-2015

WorkshopData™ Tech


  •  Maintenance (incl. service times): 448 vehicle types
  • Adjustment data: 433 vehicle types
  • Technical drawings: 405 vehicle types
  • Repair times: 406 vehicle types
  • Service indicator reset procedures: 386 vehicle types
  • ·Battery: disconnection/reconnection procedures: 375 vehicle types
  • Jacking and lifting points: 93 vehicle types
  • Oil level check – Vehicles without dipstick: 73 vehicle types
  • High-voltage circuit: deactivation: 13 vehicle types
  • Telematics emergency backup battery renewal: 592 vehicle types
  • TPMS procedures: 329 vehicle types
  • Electronic parking brake procedure: 138 vehicle types
  • Transmission: fluid level check and drain/refill (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 300 vehicle types
  • Transmission emergency park release (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 208 vehicle types
  • Keys and remote control: 514 vehicle types
  • Selective catalytic reduction: AdBlue drain/refill: 40 vehicle types
  • Self-levelling suspension: jacking-up mode: 10 vehicle types
  • Start/stop system: deactivation: 337 vehicle types
  • Timing belt: removal/installation manuals: 184 vehicle types
  • Timing chain: removal/installation manuals: 247 vehicle types
  • Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 108 vehicle types
  • Door trim: removal/installation: 634 vehicle types
  • Turbocharger: removal/installation: 170 vehicle types
  • Windscreen wipers: service position: 92 vehicle types
  • Diesel particulate filter: 19 vehicle types
  • Wheel alignment settings: 328 vehicle types
  • Ancillary drive belt: removal/installation: 186 vehicle types
  • ADAS manuals: 291 vehicle types

WorkshopData™ Electronics


  • ·  Fuses and relays: 335 vehicle types
  • ·  EOBD connector locations: 340 vehicle types
  • ·  Control unit locations: 290 vehicle types
  • ·  Ground point locations: 339 vehicle types
  • ·  Engine Management diagrams: 311 vehicle types
  • ·  ABS and Stability diagrams: 270 vehicle types
  • ·  HVAC diagrams: 383 vehicle types
  • ·  Electronic power steering (EPS) diagrams: 137 vehicle types
  • ·  Transmission diagrams: 142 vehicle types
  • ·  Electronic parking brake diagrams: 78 vehicle types
  • ·  Central locking diagrams: 454 vehicle types
  • ·  Exterior light diagrams: 529 vehicle types
  • ·  Power window diagrams: 611 vehicle types
  • ·  Starting/charging diagrams: 483 vehicle types
  • ·  Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag diagrams: 518 vehicle types
  • ·  Parking assistance system diagrams: 294 vehicle types
  • ·  Wash/wipe system diagrams: 522 vehicle types
  • ·  Instrument cluster diagrams: 477 vehicle types
  • Horn diagrams: 251 vehicle types


258 new Technical Service Bulletins


  • 237 new car types with SmartCASE™ bulletins

229 new Recalls
(the recall bulletin total is now 6144, covering 11108 types)

  • 408 new car types with Recalls

You can try out all the features of HaynesPro for the 1st quarter of 2021 Q3 WorkshopData carset for 7 days free of charge and without obligation:


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