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HaynesPro carSet 4th trimester update 2021

HaynesPro WorkshopData CarSet Q4 | 2021 updates

Check out all the HaynesPro WorkshopData updates for Q4 2021 carset.

HaynesPro’s acclaimed VESA application has just got better.

Our VESA application, part of the WorkshopData electronics section, has long been highly valued by automotive technicians. At the core of VESA are the localised or concise wiring diagrams that are unique to HaynesPro.

In most situations these concise diagrams make it much easier to diagnose a fault. However, an overview of the entire system is sometimes necessary. Some technicians, particularly electronics and diagnostic specialists, may need to see the wiring diagrams as a complete system schematic. In recognition of this, we are pleased to announce that the wiring can now be viewed within VESA as both a concise diagram and a complete schematic.

From within any VESA electronic system, the user can switch easily between the two different views by using the ‘Extended wiring diagram’ or ‘Concise’ toggle button. Systems covered by VESA include Engine management, Braking, Transmission, Steering, and Climate control.

HaynesPro carSet 4th trimester vesa application update

17 new Car models


BMW 4 (G22, G23, G24, G82, G83) 2020- CHEVROLET AVEO (T200) 2004-2008 DAEWOO Matiz (M200, M250) 2005-2010- FORD Capri 1989-1994 GREAT WALL Steed 2009- KIA Soul (SK) 2019- MASERATI Levante (2016-) MAXUS/LDV Deliver 9 2020- MAXUS/LDV eDeliver 3 2020- MERCEDES-BENZ EQC (N293) 2019- MERCEDES-BENZ GLS (X167) 2019- MG HS 2020- NISSAN NV250 2019- OPEL Ascona A 1970-1975 OPEL Manta A 1970-1975 VOLKSWAGEN ID.4 (E21) 2020- VOLKSWAGEN K70 1970-1975

WorkshopData™ Tech


  • Maintenance (incl. service times): 367 vehicle types
  • Adjustment data: 290 vehicle types
  • Technical drawings: 312 vehicle types
  • Repair times: 301 vehicle types
  • Service indicator reset procedures: 241 vehicle types
  • Battery: disconnection/reconnection procedures: 251 vehicle types
  • Jacking and lifting points: 340 vehicle types
  • Oil level check – Vehicles without dipstick: 103 vehicle types
  • High-voltage circuit: deactivation: 29 vehicle types
  • Telematics emergency backup battery renewal: 82 vehicle types
  • TPMS procedures: 183 vehicle types
  • Electronic parking brake procedure: 75 vehicle types
  • Transmission fluid level check and drain/refill (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 212 vehicle types
  • Transmission emergency park release (CVT, (semi-)automatic and dual clutch): 88 vehicle types
  • Keys and remote control: 194 vehicle types
  • Selective catalytic reduction: AdBlue drain/refill: 5 vehicle types
  • Self-levelling suspension: jacking-up mode: 77 vehicle types
  • Start/stop system: deactivation: 175 vehicle types
  • Timing belt: removal/installation manuals: 143 vehicle types
  • Timing chain: removal/installation manuals: 131 vehicle types
  • Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 105 vehicle types
  • Door trim: removal/installation: 454 vehicle types
  • Turbocharger: removal/installation: 86 vehicle types
  • Windscreen wipers: service position: 94 vehicle types
  • Diesel particulate filter: 138 vehicle types
  • Wheel alignment settings: 123 vehicle types
  • Ancillary drive belt: removal/installation: 55 vehicle types
  • ADAS manuals: 494 vehicle types

WorkshopData™ Electronics


  • Fuses and relays: 184 vehicle types
  • EOBD connector locations: 271 vehicle types
  • Control unit locations: 256 vehicle types
  • Ground point locations: 352 vehicle types
  • Engine Management diagrams: 249 vehicle types
  • ABS and Stability diagrams: 201 vehicle types
  • HVAC diagrams: 254 vehicle types
  • Electronic power steering (EPS) diagrams: 83 vehicle types
  • Transmission diagrams: 97 vehicle types
  • Electronic parking brake diagrams: 69 vehicle types
  • Central locking diagrams: 327 vehicle types
  • Exterior lights diagrams: 243 vehicle types
  • Power window diagrams: 339 vehicle types
  • Starting/charging diagrams: 265 vehicle types
  • Supplemental restraint system (SRS)/Airbag diagrams: 351 vehicle types
  • Parking assistance system diagrams: 147 vehicle types
  • Wash/wipe system diagrams: 306 vehicle types
  • Instrument cluster diagrams: 256 vehicle types
  • Horn diagrams: 114 vehicle types


47 new unique SmartCASE™ Bulletins

(the bulletin total is 7625, covering 12302 types)


163 new car types with SmartCASE™ bulletins


175 new Technical Service Bulletins

(the bulletin total is 14386, covering 11662 types)


243 new car types with Technical Service Bulletins

280 new Recalls

(the recall bulletin total is now 6424, covering 11509 types)


401 new car types with Recalls

You can try out all the features of HaynesPro for the 4th quarter of 2021 Q4 WorkshopData carset for 7 days free of charge and without obligation:


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