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HaynesPro WorkshopData TruckSet Q2 | 2022 updates

As part of  HaynesPro  ongoing development to continually reflect the demands of a modern workshop, we provide monthly updates to bring you the latest vehicle models, manufacturer updates of technical information, as well as HaynesPro newest modules and feature enhancements. 

New Truck Model:

MAN TGL 2020

New Truck types added to:

IVECO EuroCargo 2000-2015-MAN TGL 2005-2019-SCANIA 4 1995-2004-SCANIA G 2017-SCANIA P 2004-2017-SCANIA P 2017-SCANIA R 2016-SCANIA R 2004-2016

WorkshopData™ Tech


  • Maintenance: 77 truck types
  • Adjustment data: 78 truck types
  • Repair times: 73 truck types
  • Technical drawings: 171 vehicle types (100 for axle components)
  • Service indicator reset procedures: 49 truck types
  • TPMS procedures: 70 truck types
  • Clutch: removal/installation manuals: 123 truck types
  • Valve clearance setting manuals: 69 truck types
  • Injector: removal/installation/setting: 113 truck types
  • Cylinder head: removal/installation: 184 truck types
  • Turbochargers: removal/installation: 347 truck types
  • Ancillary drive belt: removal/installation: 1609 truck types
  • Jacking and lifting points: 136 truck types

WorkshopData™ Electronics


  • Engine Management diagrams: 173 truck types
  • ABS and Stability diagrams: 74 truck types
  • Electronically Controlled Air Suspension (ECAS) diagrams: 62 truck types
  • Fuses and relays: 133 truck types
  • Ground point locations: 180 truck types
  • OBD connector locations: 176 truck types
  • Fleet Management System (FMS) Connector: 115 truck types

WorkshopData™ Smart

1 new SmartCASE™ Bulletin

(the bulletin total is 9, covering 3230 types)


  • 7 new truck types with SmartCASE™ bulletins

8 new Technical Service Bulletins

(the bulletin total is 922, covering 12486 types)


  • 31 new truck types with Technical Service Bulletins

15 new Recalls

(the recall bulletin total is now 342, covering 10896 types)


  • 221 new truck types with Recalls
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